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Selling Tips


To market your home to it's best advantage you need to present your home to the buying public so that it will appeal to the broadest possible audience. The skill is to ensure that they can imagine themselves living there as soon as they step inside. Here are a few tips to help you present your home to its full potential and keep it well ahead of the competition.

*   Street appeal gives a potential buyer their first impression of your home so ensure that the gardens     are neat and tidy, the lawns are mown and all rubbish removed. Touch up any areas where paint is flaking and peeling and clean the windows inside and out so that they sparkle. Tubs of scented flowers near the entrance add first impression impact.

*   Clear the clutter. Day to day clutter, especially in a busy household, easily becomes familiar and we get used to it, however to potential buyers it makes a room look smaller and untidy. You want them to notice the house, not your "stuff". This is a great time to get ride of old newspapers, magazines and package up ornaments etc ready for the move. In the kitchen put away smaller applicances, jars etc and clear all bench tops as much as you can to give a feeling of space. In the bathroom remove personal toiletries from the tops of vanities and bath surrounds. By eliminating the clutter you will also add to the feeling of spaciousness in a room. Make sure all entrances are uncluttered, warm and welcoming.

*   Make sure that furniture is well placed to give a feeling of space and doesn't stop any of the internal doors from opening or shutting properly. Avoid placing furniture around all of the walls and if the room has a focal point such as a fireplace, or feature window, arrange the furniture to make the most of the feature and not detract from it.

*   If you are considering painting, paint the walls in soft neutral colours so that potential buyers can visualise their own belongings in the house. A bold feature wall may work for you but may not work for someone else. You can add splashes of colour with rugs, cushions, throws and flowers.

*   Nothing is more off putting than walking into a home where strong smells overpower the house. The scent of your home can create a lasting impression on potential purchasers. Where possible open windows prior to viewings to let in fresh air. In winter, the smell of baking instantly makes you feel at home. If you don't have the time or the inclination to whip up a batch of cookies, rubbing the inside of your oven with vanilla essence and turning the oven on for 10 to 15 min will leave the impression of fresh baking. Lighting a mildly scented candle or oil burner is a quick fix way to give a low key scent to a room.

*   Not all buyers share our love of dogs, so do endeavour to have your home a dog free zone for viewings.

*   Old towels and tea towels on show will do nothing but make a negative impression on potential buyers so ensure that bathroom towels are fresh and co-ordinated and tea towels are in the wash not on display.